Solutions To Solve The DNS Problem


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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files
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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that might lead to fixing the DNS problem and after that, we will show the possible ways that you can try to get rid of this problem. Troubleshooting provider issues.Reboot your own network devices.Clear the DNS memory cache and restart Winsock.Reboot the comb.Start the Microsoft LLDP protocol driver.Update the network card driver and reinstall if necessary.

    CheckOpen IP Configuration

    1. Immediately run ipconfig /all command and check the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.

    2. Make sure the DNS server is authoritative for the fully qualified name you are looking for. If so, see Checking for Authoritative Data Issues.

    3. Run the command shortly after:


      What file helps you in troubleshooting DNS issues?

      Check host file The hosts file contains hostnames and IP addresses that your computer usually checks beforehand when doing a DNS lookup.

      Sample application 1:


      If you get an error or time out for a response, Checking for problems.

    4. Be sure to clear the resolver cache. To do this currently run the following command in an administrative command prompt window:

      how do you troubleshoot a dns problem

      dnscmd /clearcache

      Or, in the PowerShell Administrator window, run the following cmdlet:

    5. Repeat step 3.

    Check For Problems With DNS Server

    How do I fix a DNS problem on my router?

    Restart your router. Resetting your router may help resolve your DNS issue. When the switch resets, it detects that its cache has been updated, which can fix the sharing. Turn off your router and modem. Wait at least 15 seconds before reconnecting the power cords.

    Event Log

    how do you troubleshoot a dns problem

    Generally, check the following logs to see if any errors have been logged:

  • Appli Driving

  • system

  • DNS server

  • An Nslookup Test

    Run the Keeping with command and make sure the DNS server is reachable from member computers.


  • If your resolver returns the IP address associated with the client, there is probably no problem with the server.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files

  • If the resolver returns a “server error” or “request denied” response, the zone may be locked or the server may be affected. You can find out if it has stopped by checking the “General” tab with zone properties in the DNS console.

    If the resolver returns the specific response ‘Server query timed out’ or ‘No response from server’, the DNS service may not be running. Try restarting the DNS server service provider by typing :

    at almost any command line on the server.

    How do I debug DNS?

    Open any DNS manager with the read command: dnsmgmt.msc.Right-click the DNS Server and also select Properties.Click the Debug Logging tab.Select the log packages to debug.Enter the path and file name, as well as the maximum dimensions.Click Apply and OK.

    net starts DNS process

    If the problem occurs while a particular service is running, the server may instead be listening on the IP address you used in your nslookup request. Most likely, the administrators do not allow the DNS serverto listen on the addresses selected on the Interfaces page of the Server Properties page in the DNS console. If a DNS server has been configured to list a specific list in its configured IP addresses, it’s quite simple that the IP address used to communicate with the DNS server is usually not included in the list. You can easily try a different IP address from the entire list, or add an IP address to the list.

    In rare cases and owners, the DNS server may have a wonderful advanced firewall or security configuration. If the server is on a large network that is only accessible through an intermediate host (such as a router with absolute packet filtering or a proxy server), the DNS server may use a large non-standard port to continue servicing client requests for . By default, nslookup redirects DNS requests to servers running on UDP port 53. So if the DNS server is clearly using a different interface, nslookup requests will fail. Considering that this might be a task, check if an intermediate filter is currently being used intentionally for a strong block.traffic routing on known DNS ports. If not, try changing your firewall’s packet filtering or port rules to allow traffic through the UDP/TCP 53 plug-in.

    Checking The Final Data For Problems

    Check if the server returning some of the wrong answers is the primary website for the zone (the zone’s most valuable default server, or a production server that uses Active Directory Additions to load the zone) or some secondary print server zones. zone.

    If The Server Is The Primary

    The problem can often be caused by user error when drivers enter data into the box. Or it could be caused by a real issue where Active is interfering with directory replication or dynamic updates.

    If The Server Hosts A Secondary Copy Of Its Zone Very Often

    1. Examine the zone on the master server (the server from which this root server receives transmissions).


      You can check which server is the main forum by looking at the advanced properties of the zone in theDNS consoles.

      If the name on the primary server is still incorrect, go to step 4.

    2. If the name on the primary server is correct, check that the serial number on the primary system is less than or equal to the serial number on the secondary server. If this is the case, consider changing the primary server or secondary server so that the serial number of the primary server is higher than the serial number of the secondary server.

    3. On the secondary web server, force a zone transfer from the DNS console, or run the following command:

      dnscmd /zonerefresh 

      Example. If the if zone almost certainly matches, type: dnscmd /zonerefresh

    4. Check this server again to make sure the zone was transferred correctly or not. If not, you may have a zone transfer issue. For more information, see Zone Transfer Issues.

    5. If the zone was migrated correctly, check if the data is correct now. If not, then the central zone numbers are incorrect. Mainly pr The problem may be caused by user error when users enter web data into a field. Or it could be due to a problem with replication or updating Active Directory.

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