Repair Tips For K7s5a 3.1 Honey-x Bios

You may come across an error code pointing to k7s5a 3.1 honey-x bios. There are several ways to solve this problem. We will discuss this shortly.


  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files
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    k7s5a 3.1 honey-x bios

    Hello, I recently discovered this forum and just discovered this Honey X Bios (I am using the latest Cheepomans Bios that someone has contacted right now, keep up the good work). What I was not sure about – does Honey X Bios often have advantages over Cheepomans? If so, which type should I choose to keep the site stable (while trying to use the correct and newer version of Cheepomans, the private computer accidentally lost the BIOS ring settings and rebooted from time to time, so I purchased it to revert to the stable version).

    Nothing special about that, with the bios I use it seems like the forums I found Cheepomans on are usually a bit dead while this one is evolving rapidly.


    I cannot give an exact answer as to whether they are suitable for buyers. Both of them are modified in almost the same way and have almost the same specific parameters. There are just different versions in the process and a few more new options I think. As with the other types, I paid special attention to stability by using less aggressive timings and doing almost every other tweak in the bio to make conflicts more accessible. Therefore, some FSB parameters may differ slightly, and everyone must decide for himself which one is best for him.

    Loss of BIOS settings is well known on K7S5A / Pro and there is a workaround you can try:…=567.topic

    But before your family tries to fix it, consider adding a chipset heatsink fix to see if it might just help you with the jitter issues you had with Cheepobios so that you too have a heating issue the same like hers and my OC-Bios: Find an example that runs at 133.9 / 133.9 MHz by setting it to 133/133 MHz inwhile businesses are currently operating at 132.7 / 132.7. Small difference, but sometimes it has a big impact on stability if the most important chipset or CPU isn’t cooling well enough.

    If you want to know more about imbalance, just download both versions and find the lowest readmes available.

    I solved the medical instability issues simply by going back to the older version of Cheepobios, which now has its own stable game. I’m literally not too sure about my solder, so I’d be too scared to try this repair, hehe.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files

  • Hmm, maybe he tweaked it a bit for speed? It would be better to compare his post with mine if you want to know which one is more stable for you, basically I can only speak professionally, but if the results are almost the same, I would try the official version as well, usually based on in both cases if the official is usually also dangerous to you. It’s best to compare it to the traditional version to see where your problems come from. Ive

    Okay, I decided to flash both my bio and Honey X bio, but after reading a few articles about flashing our bio using a professional model (I have a K7S5A 3.1), I was just curious. What are the current benefits and how stable is it? Are Pro-Bios specs final on all cards?


    Nothing to worry about with the Pro Beeing BIOS on the stock K7S5A. I also only have K7S5A 3rd and 8th, it works great, so Pro Bios itself is based on the old K7S5A BIOS and also has all the auto-sensing features that the old K7S5A BIOS doesn’t use now. Because of this, it works on any of them, and also gives you SSE for race T cores, which was not in the old K7S5A BIOS. The first certified Pro version is almost always stable, like the famous 020429 K7S5A or Bios 021029, and therefore has an old IRQ treadmill, so don’t expect routing issues like some of us due to newer versions. / p>

    Yes, BIOS 0429 is considered the most stable, which I replaced after struggling with the definitely updated BIOS Cheepomans, 0429 almost certainly It will suit me

    In any case, if BIOS Pro works on my skate, what BIOS would you advise to get? Thanks for any special information and advice

    I would try version oc021209 or restructured version of oc021209b. Both are based on the first version, Pro is as good as 0429 and definitely have the same routing table. I use it now and in the past, often 0429 for a long time and especially 1029 for a short time, until I switched to exactly 1209.

    k7s5a 3.1 honey-x bios

    I just flashed 021209b as well as Fastwrites, it works great because I feel like I won 200 3dmark (not sure what I’m talking about relatives?).

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