SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix PSI Server Error


  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files
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    This section contains error tables for Project Server Interface (PSI) codes in Project Server 2013. The tables are organized by functional market and error code range.

    Project the Year 2013 server processes and PSI methods receive error code numbers that are repeatedly sorted into functional areas. The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.PSErrorID enumeration is duplicated in WebSvcProject.PSErrorID; You start listing error codes alphabetically by task name. This separate section lists error codes in tables that are categorized by educational environment or PSI functional area and therefore by that error identification number (ID).

    Table 2. Table Of Code Errors By Number Ranges

    Table 3. Common Error Codes

    General error code Description

    No errors 0; implies success = 0 No errors or successes. GeneralRequestInvalidParameter means 6 One of my request.nodes or parameters is either definitely valid or invalidRemarkable in the context of my request. means general invalid value 11 Request value is far from valid; e.g. GUID selected as 0. GeneralStartDateGTorEQFinishDate=twenty-six The specified date range may not be valid. GeneralQueueOperationInProcess=27 General error for an operation performed on a string. GeneralUnhandledException=42 An unhandled exception has occurred. GeneralDuplicateGUIDSpecified implies 66 The request contains the GUID of the commercial copy. GeneralDateNotValid means 69 Dates must be in the range 01/01/1984 if you need 12/12/2049. Total costIn actual value.= seventy The cost parameter is not possible. GeneralWorkInvalid = 71 Invalid Perform It’s Magic parameter. GeneralDurationInvalid 72 = Invalid dimension parameter. GeneralUnitsInvalid implies 73 The specified block is considered invalid. GeneralOnlyInsertsAllowed equals 74 Only inserts are allowed. GeneralOnlyUpdatesAllowed = 75 Allowedonly messages. GeneralSessionIn valid.= seventy-six The session parameter may not be valid. GeneralDependencyUidInvalid 78 implies Dependency GUIDs are not always valid. GeneralNumberInvalid = seventy nine Invalid number. GeneralInvalidDataStore=80 The exact database does not exist. Use this database DataStoreEnum in . GeneralDurationOrWorkFormatInvalid means 513 jobs Invalid spacing or format. GeneralRateFormatIn valid.= 518 Invalid random format. equal to general queue exception 9131 Exception: There is still a general error in the enqueuing service. GeneralItemDoesNotExist = $10,000 The specific element never exists. GeneralLCIDInvalid = 10001 locale Identifier (language identifier) ​​is probably not valid. GeneralRowDoesNotExist=10002 The specified row does not exist in the DataTable. GeneralInvalidColumnValue implies 20000 Invalid column value in DataTable. GeneralInvalidDataRowState=20001 DataRow Invalid state. GeneralDuplicatedNames implies 20004 has a duplicate functional name. Names must be unique. GeneralReadOnlyColumn 20005 = The hug is read-only. GeneralReadOnlyRow is 20006 The string is usually read-only. GeneralNotNullColumn=20007 Columns are usually not empty. GeneralObjectAlreadyExists is 20008 The object does exist. GeneralInvalidObject=20009 The topic is invalid. GeneralSecurityAccessDenied=20010 Access denied due to security permissions. GeneralInvalidOperation = 20011 The program is invalid. GeneralInvalidCharacters implies 20012 Some characters are invalid. In addition to the TAB character, the following characters are strictly not allowed in the project name: / " : , < > | , .a ? * # GeneralNameTooLong=20013 The name is also long. GeneralNameCannotBeBlank=20014 Name cannot be empty. Don’t treat null or string as empty. matches Normally not allowedMay operation with value 20016 read-only Bolding a read-only value should not be allowed. GeneralInvalidDateOverlap is 20018 Contains overlapping requests. = general parameter cannot be null20020 Parameter cannot be null. GeneralDescTooLong means 20021 The description is usually too long. GeneralCategoryPermissionDenied equals category 20022 Access denied. = usually unlicensed 20024 It appears that the user does not have a license for Project Server. = generalglobalpermissiondenied 20023 Universal permission denied. GeneralActionCanceledByEventHandler processing includes 22,000 The event handler canceled the action. GeneralActionCanceledBecauseServerEventServiceNotFound means 22001 Could not find server project event service. GeneralActionCanceledBecauseServerEventServiceProblem is 22002 There is a real problem with the server project’s event service. = Common Queue Job Error 26000 Pts job failedbetween. GeneralQueueInvalidJobUID is 26001 The job GUID for the queue is not the current one. GeneralQueueInvalidTrackingUID=26002 Monitoring a queue guid is often invalid. GeneralQueueInvalidJobInfoUID means 26003 The task GUID information is invalid due to a queue. GeneralQueueInvalidCorrelationUID=26004 Invalid alignment correlation GUID. GeneralQueueCorrelationBlocked=26005 Line correlation is disabled. matches generalqueuinvalidmessagetype26006

    Speed up your computer today with this quick and easy download.

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