Various Ways To Troubleshoot Iris For Outlook


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    Over the past few days, some users have reported that they are having problems troubleshooting Iris for Outlook.


    Outbox (sending)

    Question: I’m getting an error Therefore, there is no potential default email client, and you can start Microsoft Outlook. (MAPI mail client)?

    Answer: only marketing messages appears when IRIS is configured to send emails using the mail application (it’s definitely MAPI). When sending an email, the following message or a similar message watch:

    Answer a – Go to top | | control parameters Chalkboard | internet option, Select the Programs tab. To choose the mail client of the fix is ​​in the email field and click “Apply” | Okay.

    Just try emailing IRIS. If the error persists, response 2 is displayed.

    Answer 2. This concept can Show because a simple MAPI mail client is shown, such as Outlook Express is the default mail client, but is an extended MAPI mail client,

    For example, Outlook is installed on the same workstation at the same time. When MAPI client mail is displayed on a workstation attempting to use IRIS. it’s about the Simple MAPI Consumer Mail preference.

    To force IRIS to use Simple MAPI, create the following parameter settings file in the Windows PC list, for example c:windows:

    File name:

    troubleshooting iris for outlook


    File content:


    Use SimpleMAPI=1

  • This file is detailed by workstationshould be created in the new “Windows” directory for all the PCs you needjust using Simple MAPI. Process the response described in full2 not possible if only one of the main clients is installedin the workspace, i.e. Outlook Express.

  • Question. Why am I getting it? Error: – ErrorInComDLL: 550 5.7. Unable to deliver mail to [email protected] uk?

  • This workstation cannot do thisforward mail directly to you, to the mail server; be a mail servercustomized to make this task easier.

  • Exchange User: Virtual SMTPthe server was not allocated in the mail configuration as requireduetsyaData sheet.

  • Question: Why am I making a mistake? – ErrorInComDLL [10053] The software was causing a shutdown while submitting. letter?

    Answer: Error 10053 may be caused by McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8 when sending outbound emails received by IRIS Practical software.

    Another firewall or antivirus software may be blocking outgoing electronically (port blocking) using the IRIS software.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Fix Errors" to repair any corrupted files

  • By default, McAfee VirusScan 8 blocks all outgoing messages sent by almost all A program that does this but doesn’t recognize it.

    This helps prevent email composting worms from sending email. and also prevents IRIS from transmitting messages.

    To fix this, you want to tell McAfee that IRIS is definitely “trustworthy”. Program for sending emails.

    1. Right-click McAfee’Shield’ to return to the taskbar.

    2. Select VirusScanBracket.

    3. Then double-click D stepProtection.

    4. Select a portBlock tab. Tab

    5. in portsIn the “Block” section, select “Deny”.Block mass mail worms from sending emails and click Edit.

    6. In excluded processesadd iwinpasl.exe, iwincsec.exe and iwincfrm.exein your list

    7. Click Apply |Good.

    Question. Why am I getting an error: – ErrorInComDll: [11004] valid name, marketing information record not requested. A type. ?

    Answer: this error returned a mail server that IRIS could try to contact it all depends on the data entered into the service system.

    The error could be related to anything, so check the following details:

  • was the correct SMTP serverprescribes much less than utilities| Email links

  • Anti-virus system does not blockeach mail server port

  • The firewall is actually blockingMail port of the remote computer

  • a workstation that will try it for youSend mail has access to mailTo your server

  • The system cannot restore the server on its ownName via DNS Enter the IP address attached to the mail serverinstead connected to e.g.

  • Inbox (monitoring)

    Question: Email Scan email It used to work, but now it doesn’t load properly. Why?

    Answer: has a password for Has the administrator associated with On the High Street programs changed?

    If a new employee has changed their password, it must be changed updated only after system maintenance | Utilities | Offline Programs are good.

    Question. Why am I getting Business rules error when timing IRIS messaging services to start?

    Answer: if the email is IRIS Services usually start with the following error messages:

    This message defines parameters related to the maintenance of the IRIS system. in the Utilities | Email The links are in accordance with the MAPI guides above.

    IRIS messaging services are required onlyo in the event that you need to check your system. set up POP3 email.

  • troubleshooting iris for outlook

    if you are going to track the creation of an emailMAPI, do not start certain services as they are not considered necessary; or

  • if you are going to track emailPOP3, change settings in system maintenance to match additionallyinstructions in section Diverses Façons De Dépanner Iris Pour Outlook
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